Summer Kid

That’s a wrap!

That’s a wrap!

Where do we even start? After the last post on here, right after one of our first tracking sessions, life came swinging in at full force. We tallied it up and between all of us, we switched jobs 4 times, moved into two new houses + remodeled af couple others, lost loved ones who were dear to us, and brought new life into the world. When life calls you must answer.

At the Cats Cradle

At the Cats Cradle

We’ve been gigging in the down time. Thanks to those of you who we’ve seen out at the shows!

Now, a year and a half after tracking we’re putting the final touches on our album here at StudioM, and boy are we excited about what we have to share! The five of us + Thom Canova have finally come to closing time for the record, and we’re taking steps to get this thing out by the end of the summer.

Inspiration for our new art work for Summer Kid from  Maria Svarbova

Inspiration for our new art work for Summer Kid from Maria Svarbova

Speaking of summer, “Summer Kid” is what we’ve come to call the album. There’s many emotions that evokes for us both personally and musically, and we feel the 8 songs that are going to make it evoke feelings of nostalgia, lost love, the excitement of new life, and the stillness that comes along with residing in the present moment.

Stay tuned to future posts, check us out on the socials, and we sincerely hope you pick up a copy (digital or otherwise) of our upcoming album when it hits the cloud in August.

<3 Texoma

PS: If you’ve ever wanted to get inside a studio during a mixing session, check it:

new album tracked and coming soon

We just spent a whole lot of time tracking new songs for our upcoming album.  We have 9 total that we're pretty sure will make it through the mixing and mastering process.  Recorded at StudioM and engineered, mixed and co-produced by Thom Canova, and the gang from Texoma.  Stay tuned for release dates and info, and check some more pics and vids below.


We got to play with all kinds of cool things 

like this old CONN studio tuner


New pedals for new sounds

thanks to Thom...

didn't catch all that much of the recording since we were recording.